How to increase apple numbers

Fruit number in apple trees results from a variety of factors, including planting density, orchard system, pruning and thinning practices and also crop nutrition.

The desired fruit size should be considered when managing crop load since allowing too many fruits to remain on the tree will result in smaller fruits and reduce tree vigour.

Phosphorus increases flower number

Phosphorus and apple Flowering and fruit set

Phosphorus increases the potential for fruiting by increasing the number of flower clusters, their intensity and the level of apple set.

Boron is important for fruit formation

Because boron is not readily translocated within the tree, it is most critically used as foliar applications targeted at key periods of flower and fruit formation so as to maintain flower set.

Zinc increases apple fruit set

Pre-Bloom Zinc and Boron on apples

Pre-blosom applications of zinc can help aid the recovery of winter injured trees and also ensure supplies are not limiting during flowering and new fruit formation.

Magnesium is important for leaf growth

Magnesium is important in ensuring good growth, but at relatively low levels. It has a critical role to play in leaf growth and good flowering with minimal fruitdrop.