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Unique water soluble compound NPK

YaraRega™ is the global brand name for Yara's compound NPK for fertigation systems (i.e. macro and micro-sprinklers and pivots).

YaraRega™ is a newly developed water soluble product range for innovative, Leading farmers in the fertigation market, who are currently using technical grade straight fertilizers.

YaraRega™ is an ammonium-nitrate based NPK compound with micronutrients.

When dissolved in water there is < (less than) 1.5% insoluble content and therefore it can (easily) be used in pivots and micro-irrigation. The product is also a free flowing compound that consists of special coating formulation allowing for bulk handling.

It is suited for convenient dissolution and use in fertigation systems (i.e. macro- and micro-sprinklers and pivots) as well as for dry application.