Calcium deficiency on orange made worse by

  • Acidic soils
  • Sandy or light soils (leaching)
  • Acid peat soils
  • Soils rich in sodium
  • Soils rich in aluminium
  • Drought conditions
  • Fruit high in nitrogen or potassium
  • Large fruit

Calcium is important for

  • Leaves are properly formed and remain throughout cycle
  • Overall tree growth is more vigorous
  • Yield often increases
  • Fruit-size more regular and uniform
  • Better quality fruit
  • Better skins - less 'Albedo Breakdown' (creasing)

Yara recommended fertilizers for Calcium



Citrus: 3 to 5 applications of 10 - 20 l/ha applied at 10 to 14 day intervals commencing when fruit reaches 40 to 50 mm size. Water rate: minimum 1000 l/ha. Alternative, 3 applications of up to 300 mls/100 l applied during the period from fruit expansion to harvest. Allow 10 to 14 day intervals between applications. Based on a maximum TRV of 4,000 l/ha.

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