AdBlue® for Non-Road mobile machinery

Some tractors, excavators, cranes and other mobile engines that run on diesel, but not on roads, are now equipped with SCR technology, which requires a fluid called AdBlue. AdBlue is filled into a dedicated tank, separate from the one for diesel.

AdBlue is a transparent liquid that is non-hazardous and easy to use. Thanks to SCR technology and AdBlue, these vehicles are cleaner as their NOxious nitrogen oxides emissions are considerably reduced.

SCR technology and AdBlue for NOx reduction is now common in several types of non-road engines, eg:

  • Agriculture/farm engines such as tractors and combine harvesters
  • Mobile cranes
  • Engines used in harbours and airports
  • Excavators and engines used in mines or construction

Farmers and the farming community know Yara as the leader in mineral fertilizers. Yara is also a pioneer of AdBlue. We have participated in the creation of the ISO standard for AdBlue, together with the manufacturers of diesel engines. AdBlue is a specific urea solution that is very pure in order to be compliant with the complex SCR catalyst that converts it. This urea solution is produced and distributed in a more refined process to ensure its purity than the urea solution used by the farmers in mineral fertilizer. Therefore, it is sold at a different price to reflect this.

You will find AdBlue sold by Yara under the Air1 brand name. We directly supply farmers and operators of non-road mobile machinery through a network of Air1 distributors all over the world.

We have a complete range of AdBlue solutions for tractors and large non-road engines. Our Air1 commercial team offer its expertise to answer any questions and requirements you may have about AdBlue.

Caroline de Jonge
Caroline de Jonge
Sales Manager

Where can I buy AdBlue for my tractor or non-road mobile machinery?

Air1 for tractors
  • Your usual diesel or lubricant reseller
  • Specialised spare part suppliers for engines of tractors and other non-road machinery
  • Participating service stations where you can buy AdBlue in Cans, in case of emergency.

Warning: AdBlue is also sold from the pump at service stations, please check beforehand if you can fill your tractor or off-road machinery vehicle at these facilities, as it is usually only trucks and coaches who can.

Yara sells its AdBlue under the brand Air1. See our list of AdBlue Distributors for our dedicated network of Air1 resellers for tractors, farming machinery, excavators and other non-road machinery. For your tractors, excavators and farm equipment, etc. we have a network of official Air1 suppliers.

What AdBlue should I buy?

What AdBlue should I buy?

We can help if you have just bought a new SCR machine and you are uncertain as to your AdBlue requirement. Or you wonder what kind of storage solution for AdBlue will suit you best depending on your tractor, excavator or other SCR machine.

We understand your work conditions and, therefore, we have developed a specific range of equipment for your needs in the field, on the farm or at the construction site, even where you have little storage space or where there is no electricity supply. Yara’s AdBlue is sold in packs that allow for easy transport (on your farm or from site to site). Yara brings a comprehensive range of pack sizes under its Air1 brand. Our Air1 commercial team, and its resellers, can advise you on the AdBlue storage solution that best suits you and all prices for these solutions.

We offer AdBlue in packaged formats with manual or non-electric pumps if needed: 10l Cans of AdBlue, 210l Drums of AdBlue, and 1000l IBCs of AdBlue. We also offer bulk deliveries directly to your site.

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AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA).