NOx reduction with NOxCare SNCR: a performing technology requiring low investment

The selective non-catalytic reduction technology (SNCR) is a method of reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by injecting the reagent directly above the combustion, where temperatures are between 850 and 1050°C. SNCR technology is widely used in cement, waste incinerators, biomass boilers or boilers with conventional fuels.

A NOxCare SNCR system is both cost efficient and high performing.

Key parameters to successfully operate a cost efficient SNCR technology are:

  • The design and performance of injectors
  • Optimisation and the programming of the controller
  • The location of the injection points
  • The temperature window at the injection point
  • The choice of reagent
  • Possible residence time

With SNCR systems installed at more than 200 facilities around the world, NOxCare has designed and optimised a high performing SNCR system for industrial sites.

At optimum process conditions, up to 80 % NOx can be removed with NOxCare SNCR technology.

NOxCare is a global leader in the manufacture and installation of SNCR systems

In October 2011, Yara acquired Petro Miljö, a leader of SNCR technology with over 200 systems installed worldwide. Yara renamed the company, keeping its expert team who have a deep knowledge of its customers processes and needs in different industry sectors eg: cement, incinerators, boilers, thermal, biomass boilers, glass, etc.

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