Reducing environmental impact with UltrAN

Choosing the right blasting agents can help minimise environmental impact. See how Yara is helping reduce toxic gas emissions during blasting.

Responsible businesses strive for the lowest possible carbon footprint. Yara can help you achieve your aims because we share the same vision. We keep environmental issues in focus both for us as an organisation and for our products.

Our UltrAN ANFO products offer excellent absorption with good retention of the fuel oil. The release of toxic gases – CO/NOx – is minimised during blasting thanks to the ability to create the right oxygen balance with our ammonium nitrate porous prills. We also offer a low-fume UltrAN version.

You can be assured of a limited environmental impact when you use Yara's ammonium nitrates. We offer:

  • Product traceability
  • Low emissions due to optimal release of energy in the detonation
  • Recycling of the waste oil for ANFO

Cutting gas emissions at Yara

Our plants are equipped with Yara-patented N2O catalysts, which has cut Yara greenhouse gas emissions in half.

Pierre Brunet
Pierre Brunet
Sales Manager