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YaraRega™ is the new global brand for water-soluble granular NPK fertilizers for field fertigation. Yara’s technology has transformed granular fertilizer into a watersoluble product, making it the first of its kind and more affordable than other water-soluble fertilizers on the market. YaraRega™ is a competitive alternative to traditional fertilization and has been designed for field crops under irrigation.

The YaraRega range contains products with differing ratios of nitrogen,
phosphorous, potassium and sulphur. Most also contain differing levels of
magnesium, zinc and boron.


YaraRega is simple:

Can be used in any irrigation system from the most basic to the most technologically advanced.

YaraRega is accessible:

First water-soluble granular NPK fertilizer, thanks to Yara technology. Fertigation is now more cost-effective than ever.

YaraRega is efficient:

Nutritionally balanced for fertigation, offering the full spectrum of elements for all a plant’s needs.