YaraVera AMIPLUS (46% N + NBPT) is a urea fertiliser with added urease inhibitor to decrease nitrogen losses, increasing urea effectiveness to improve nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) of crops

The nitrogen in a standard urea fertiliser has to go through two chemical conversions before it is available to crops. This process is known to lead to significant nitrogen losses through volatilisation. Recent trials have placed this loss to be an average of 27% (full range of losses were from 10 to 58%).

YaraVera AMIPLUS contains NBPT, a urease inhibitor, which delays urea degradation therefore keeping fertilizer N longer in the urea form, avoiding the volatilisation losses seen in straight urea products. Trials have shown the inhibitor to reduce these losses to as low as 5%.

It is important to note that to achieve the lowest level of nitrogen losses a nitrate fertiliser is always preferable.

Advantages of YaraVera AMIPLUS
• For a small premium over urea, YaraVera AMIPLUS will deliver a much improved N-use efficiency, giving you better value for money and performance.
• Better nitrogen use efficiency results in increased yields over straight urea. Trials have shown this to be around 2%.
• By making more of the nitrogen in your fertiliser, you’ll need less of it.
• Reduced nitrogen losses through ammonia volatilization is healthy for our environment.
• Provides handling benefits due to higher N concentration resulting in fewer bags and efficient transport.