Handling and Storage of NOx control reagents – Ammonia and Urea

With our expertise urea for use with SCR and SNCR systems for NOx reduction, NOxCare offers storage solutions which we can design and build for you.

This storage equipment can be:

  • Built within an SNCR or SCR system or with Hybrid DeNOx systems combining SCR and SNCR technologies.
  • An independent storage tank on another part of your site.

Our goal is to develop a storage solution that helps you optimise the management of your urea consumption on your site. We have a 2 step approach: 

1. Perform an assessment of your site’s situation, before designing an application that best suits your installation.

2. Install standard or bespoke tanks, either completely new, or as part of the renovation of a DeNOx installation to meet new needs. 

At cement plant

We can assist you in

  • Upgrading to a larger storage capacity.
  • Moving from one reagent solution type to another (eg from ammonia solution to an urea solution).
  • Installing new pipes for the supply system of your reagent.
  • Dissolving urea on site of reagent on your site (for urea only) or install a dedicated dilution unit.
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